Your love is deep and beautiful.

      I create timeless images that reflect this,
      for the people who mean the most to you.

      "This is what family looks like" - Ben & Rosie

      Carina caught it all perfectly. These images look exactly how we felt our wedding day went, which is so reassuring.

      There are just some beautiful expressions that we haven't seen anywhere. Carina captured some of our friends who are quite introverted; these are beautiful photos of them just in a moment where they're enjoying themselves, feeling super at home, in their element at their best.

      And the photos where my brother comes up to give me a hug, and the ones of my little nephews at the front... That's what family looks like. That's what we don't get to see on the day.

      "Like a ninja" - Adriana & Michael

      Carina definitely met our needs because she was like a ninja, capturing the important moments in a very natural and spontaneous way. We did not want the kind of photographer who "takes over" and makes us feel like we were posing for pictures all the time at our backyard wedding.

      The location was beautiful, as Carina scouted the place in advance to be sure of where to take us. We loved the beautiful final selection of pictures!

      "Amazing" - Monica & James

      Wow. The photos look incredible! So many cool moments and we LOVE the GIFs! That was a really great day. We were saying the other day how good of an idea it was to have this pre-wed shoot, not just so we would get some great photos, but because it made us feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera.