This COVIDSafe Plan is effective as of 1 January 2022.
Physical Distancing
During photoshoots, the photographer/s will stay 1.5m apart from clients at all practicable times.
I will have hand sanitiser on-hand, using it ourselves. I will ensure handwashing and sanitising is adhered to; i.e. before & after travelling, before starting a session.
Face Masks
A face mask will be worn by the photographer/s at all times appropriate under the current restrictions.
Health of the Photographer

If I am feeling unwell, I will self isolate and seek testing. If I test positive for COVID-19, I will follow DHHS protocol and will isolate for 7 days. All photoshoots and client meetings will be postponed.

Household contact
If I am identified as a household contact of a positive case, I will follow DHHS protocol and quarantine for 7 days. All photoshoots and client meetings will be postponed.
All equipment being used for a photoshoot will be cleaned and sanitised prior to use. Clients are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment.
Record Keeping
I will keep records of my job movements. In the event that I become unwell within 14 days after any event, I will contact the clients and any suppliers and inform them that I am undergoing testing and awaiting results. I will advise the clients of the results.
This COVIDSafe Plan was developed in accordance with guidelines set out by