Singapore prewedding adventure – Pearlicia & Kenji

Stumbling upon love to beautiful sounds of Ghibli

This is an engagement session that stays firmly etched in my heart.

Not only was this location such a gem to find in Singapore, but Pearlicia and Kenji were a genuine delight to get to know.

Singaporean born-and-bred Pearlicia met Kenji far from his hometown of Osaka when he was a travelling musician in Singapore. He was performing on the streets of Chinatown when she stumbled upon his beautiful sounds of Ghibli. They bonded over his music and world travels and after a long-distance relationship, they’re ready for a future together in Singapore.

It was one of those sessions where everywhere I looked, I saw movie stills in my head. I’m so grateful to Pearlicia and Kenji who fully trusted me and committed to being playmates in our little own pretend moviemaking exercise that afternoon ♡

Tropical Leaf by Alex Muravev from the Noun Project


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