Book any pre-wedding or Wedding Collection from Feb 1 2019 onwards
      and get a free follow-up shoot for the year following your initial shoot.

      Skinny love, you’ve lasted the year.

      The dating and newlywed romance is heady and exciting. You stand across your person and think “I can’t believe I found you, this person I can do this love thing with”.

      Ay, this shoot is for when a whole new kind of romance takes over. The kind when you know each other’s rhythm; how she twists towards the morning sun, how he lingers over his cereal choices. When you’ve lived side by side with this other human, and you’re well on your way to perfecting your “why is that thing you do even a thing” look.

      Do people know how they look when this new romance settles in? I’m curious to watch it unfold, so here’s my little experiment to find out.

      What: Free one-hour shoot valued at $400, plus $50 print credit. Five (5) available slots.
      Why: Because life goes on after the Wedding Day, and that’s beautiful
      Where: In your home or a place special to you
      When: A year from your initial shoot – It can be the day after, but ideally it would be further down the track… say, 3 months in, when you find out two have become three, or on your anniversary. Subject to availability!
      How: Book any pre-wedding or Wedding Collection from Feb 1 2019 onwards and ask for the ‘New Romance’ offer. I’ll send you a reminder or two to claim your free shoot within the year.

      If you’ve been on the hunt for a photographer for your Wedding Day, contact me now to claim this offer and let’s chat about what you’re looking over some tea!

      In Love,