Couple Pre-wedding Sessions – Guide


Table of contents

1. Your shoot location
2. What to expect
3. What to wear

4. What to bring
5. Makeup



Your shoot location

If you haven’t picked your location, have a look at this location guide:

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What to expect

  • Print-worthy images
  • ONE 4×5″ fine art torn-edge print in a floating frame
  • My know-how in capturing the most awkward or the most boisterous souls
  • Your peace of mind knowing that I’m always all in for capturing your connection, down to the very last minute of the last session

Silhouette of a couple looking at the sunrise with the Melbourne cityscape and a big tree in front them (Multi-day Overseas Prewedding Adventure in Melbourne)

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What to wear

Comfort is key. It’s most important that you dress like yourself and that you feel comfortable. You want to look back on your images years down the road and not be distracted by the clothes you’re wearing.

Safety is paramount. If we’re going on a rugged adventure involving hills and uneven ground, wear appropriate such as your hiking boots or sneakers with grip. Ladies, you can still glam it up with sparkly sneakers like these:

Pictured: Veja Campo Women’s sneakers


Aim for timelessness. Everyone has his or her own style, so I usually just recommend you stay away from very trendy clothes that can ‘date’ an image (for example, leopard print).


Rugged Adventure – Suggested wardrobe guide

Males: Casual / Comfy, Denim, Slacks or jeans

Females: Feminine silhouette, Light or bright coloured dress to stand out from the landscape, Mixed textures – hard and soft e.g. Denim over a long flowy dress

Shoes: Boots, Sneakers


Planning for the cold

A few creature comforts go a long way when planning for a shoot in winter, or simply a Melbourne spring day.



Wear as many layers as you can without affecting your overall look. This could mean nude stockings and thermal wear underneath your outfit/long skirt/long dress.

Pictured: An Aussie brand of sheer hosiery


Bring a blanket

This will add variety to your shoot, and help you stay warm and dry.

Pictured: Creswick Billabong Fringed Rug Mid Camel – Camel


Wear a stole or wrap

Pictured: Forever New faux fur wrap


Hand warmers

Pack hand warmers to slip into your jacket pockets between breaks.

Pictured: Hothands air-activated hand warmers, available at Chemist Warehouse


Rethinking the plan if there’s wind

We should rethink our plans if there is forecasted wind chill. The difference between a shoot in 10-degree weather and when it is 15 degrees with a wind chill is HUGE: It’s the difference between whether you have teary eyes and snot dripping down your nose in the images or not!


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What to bring

Adding variety to your shoot with details. These are some suggestions that will add variety to your shoot. Adding one or two items that have sentimental value to the two of you will often elevate the shoot to another level. Don’t feel pressured to bring all of the following:

Letters. Some couples choose to write letters to one another and read them out at the shoot. This gives me a fantastic opportunity to capture real emotion while the two of you share a precious and authentic moment.

Important mementoes. Do you have something of sentimental value that has a story behind it?

Your rings. Bring your rings – engagement and wedding – if you would like this detail documented.

Gifts. You could choose to exchange gifts that represent what the other person means to you.

Bouquet. Even if it’s an informal or loose bouquet or even a single stalk of flower, having something to hold gives you something to do with your hands.


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Unless you’re going for a super natural look, facial features often benefit from a little makeup finesse to make them stand out in images. It’s a good opportunity to try out your wedding day makeup, albeit a little toned down.

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