Meet Carina

Hello dear stranger,

I'm glad we've met in this tiny corner of the web.

I love people and their stories.

I want to help you leave your visual legacy - for your kids, your parents, your loved ones.

I find my creativity in pulling compositions and stories out of (unremarkable) situations.

I absolutely relish capturing a quiet moment or a gregarious expression.

If you like the look of my work, let's chat about how I can help tell your story.

In Love,
Carina Sze (pronounced 'zee')


I do not take on every wedding I am approached to photograph. It is truly important that I work with couples who understand my brand values and whose vision for their day I can support.

2024/2025 enquiries are open. I can't wait to hear your story and meet you.

Studio hours

Please note that I have limited studio hours:​
​Mon-Thu 9AM​-9PM
All other times are spent on location on shoots or refilling the creativity jar.