Your Wedding Day

Many people look for a wedding photographer to help them tell the story of their wedding day.

Yet, your wedding day is the culmination of infinite stories...

You are two people coming together as one. But you both contain multitudes too. You are brother, grandson, friend. You are sister, daughter, godmother.

Let me help you tell your wedding story in a way that celebrates this history that you share.

Breathe in deep and grasp each other's hand. Dance it out and laugh out loud.

I believe in capturing these exhilarating moments, but also the bigger picture of your love. The looks, laughs, and tears that only come about when your kindred comes together.

I pour heart and soul into every photograph to tell the story of all these multitudes, all these moments pouring into a single day.
Your story.

Questions & Answers

What do I get when I book you?

When you book me, you get me and my passion. I'm with you for the journey.

Tell me your story, why you love one another. What crazy coincidences pushed you two souls together, I want to know! Is Great-Granddad sitting on a bus and train to get to the wedding? Tell me what matters to you and I throw myself into showing it for you.

All said and done, you get artful and heartful physical reminders of your once-in-a-lifetime special day.

And oh yes, pictures of the cake and all that? You won't have to worry about your photography. I got you.


When your images have been processed, you will get an invitation to come into The Studio for your Premiere Day. You will also be sent home with your very own private access online gallery and shop.

How will I get my images?



ELOPEMENTS start at $2600.


WEDDING Collections are available to suit the wedding you have in mind. Collections start from 5 hours at $3250. My average 2021-2022 client budget was $4980. Contact me for a detailed price list.


You deserve the absolute best for you. That's why I want to make sure we're the right fit. Fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Requesting information


Want a little more?



Dive deep with one of the following love stories...


You relish the simple things in life.

You believe in celebrating life with loved ones.

You are willing to wait for the good. You extend people 10 more seconds of trust. In my world, this could mean waiting an extra moment for the clouds to turn the right colour to get your special shot.

And you’re looking for someone to tell the REAL love story behind your wedding day. Someone who will see not just the heart-bursting exhilaration between you two, but also captures moments that would otherwise slip by.


Are we the right fit?


I photograph weddings because, to me, they reflect the beautiful things in life: beauty in chaos, genuine emotion, ordinary days brimming with meaningful moments, and the connection between family and friends.

I aim to create something personal and unique for each wedding. To your day, I’ll bring my love for composition, emotion-filled moments, and art and film.