Top 15 wedding photographers

So glad to have been handpicked by One Fine Day‘s top 15 favourite wedding photographers in Melbourne for 2023.


“Are you on the hunt for your dream wedding photographer Melbourne? We feel for you, because there is a wealth of incredibly talented snappers out there ready and raring to shoot your big day. However, if there’s one nugget of advice we can offer for this larger-than-life decision it’s this: You really need to ~like~ your wedding photographer. This means more than just liking their portfolio, as you really have to vibe them and feel comfortable in their presence – seeing as they’ll be right in the thick of it during the most personal and romantic moments of your life!

That’s why doing as much research as possible online, on the One Fine Day Directory, as we have packed all the info, Instagram accounts and videos of the photographers so you can e-meet them! But because recommendations are always handy, we’ve put together an edit of our top 15 favourite wedding photographers in Melbourne right here.”