Cape Schanck Pre-wedding adventure session – Rosie & Ben

An artist with synesthesia and a Renaissance man with heart
go on an adventure session.
A little wave and the last sliver of daylight join the party.

I’ve been constantly surprised ever since I made a decision to plan to be surprised earlier this year. Funny how that happens.

And none has surprised me more so than these two – Ben and Rosie. I put it out there that I was after an adventurous couple, without putting much expectation on the parameters of ‘adventurous’.

In them, I found the most unconventional of people (think along the lines of teaching horseback-riding, rock climbing and wanting to spend 3 months in Iceland to build a traditional Viking ship by hand?!). They have that vivaciousness that most 24-year-olds possess, but lit on fire with spirituality and depth that you hardly find even in full-grown grown-ups. Their life plan was goosebump-inducing, grounded in their belief in God; the kind of life plan that couldn’t be orchestrated by sheer human will.

I’m thankful for the day we spent together, climbing rocks and listening to the waves pull back the black stones at Cape Schanck, sending thunderous applause into the cove. I drove home thinking how wonderful it is to find someone you love to dance with atop a mountain at sunset. (Hang out till the end of the post to see what I mean.)


Do you have tangible memories like these that you can hold at years down the road? If you would like to schedule a pre-wedding couple session with me, I’d love to chat with you.

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Sensei will be super proud.

As long as my interim report mate is proud, I’m happy. HAHA x

LOVE every single photo. not even kidding. so good!


Come, let’s venture into the jungles of Malaysia and do a shoot together ?

frikkin amazing!

Maaaate, big kudos coming from you! Thank you x